QAIHC Principal Research Advisor, Greg Pratt, was a speaker at the American Society of Human Genetics’ Annual Meeting in Washington DC in November; part of an Australian contingent presenting about exciting work being led by a group of Aboriginal researchers in Australia that promises to support equitable access to genetic healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The invited session included presentations by Professor Alex Brown, Associate Professor Kalinda Griffiths, Associate
Professor Azure Hermes and Greg Pratt; followed by a panel discussion.

More than 8000 scientists from around the globe attended the five-day program, which comprised some of the most significant new advances in the field of genetics.

Mr Pratt spoke about his work on a genetic healthcare model identified and developed in the report, Integrated Genetic Health Care: Improving Access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People to Clinical Genetics through Partnership and Primary Health Leadership.

The integrated healthcare model and referral pathway aims to deliver better access to genetic health services for patients of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs).

We are currently seeking funding to trial a pilot based on this healthcare model within our sector.