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Indigenous experts urge a timely check on organisational safety and wellbeing

Supporting wellbeing at the organisational level is becoming increasingly important as work in Australia has changed, with increased mobility, travel, digitisation, and the blurring between home and working lives. Particularly post pandemic. The way that organisations manage wellbeing also needs to change.

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Scholarship winner urges budding Indigenous doctors to take remote posts

Applications are closing soon for a prestigious Indigenous medical scholarship that helped previous recipients an avenue to become prominent leaders in health and medicine.

The Australian Medical Association’s Indigenous Medical Scholarship was created in 1994 to help produce more First Nations doctors, who play critical roles in the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people, especially those living in remote communities.

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In focus: QAIHC MyMedicare Discussion Paper

MyMedicare is an Australian Government initiative that allows patients to enrol with one primary care practice and to nominate a preferred GP at that practice. The registration to MyMedicare is voluntary for patients, practices and primary care providers. The intention of MyMedicare is to, over time, support a range of reforms to improve access to primary care and support practice viability.

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National trachoma workshop draws experts from across Australia

QAIHC Public Registrar Shamila Ginige provides insights into the National Trachoma Stakeholders Workshop in Sydney, which she recently attended. Trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness in the world.

Preventative health strategies and improving environmental wellbeing were two key priorities in the race to eradicate trachoma at the National Trachoma Stakeholders Workshop in Sydney in November.

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When physical activity programs include cultural elements, they are even better for First Nations people

For First Nations people, social and emotional wellbeing can depend on connection to land, culture, spirituality and community. Disruption to these values can be harmful. The most recent data show 24% of First Nations adults have been diagnosed with mental health or behavioural conditions. This is likely due to lasting and intergenerational effects of historical injustices, racial discrimination and cultural displacement.

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