The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) is hoping to spark a reason for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders 12 and over to get the COVID-19 vaccine with the launch of a new website.

The ‘I Stepped Up’ website features informative videos, frequently asked questions and a slew of other resources to give community tailored COVID-19 vaccine information all in one place. 

Along with the website, IUIH are hosting ‘Step Up’ events across South East Queensland, where COVID-19 restrictions permit, to encourage community to step up for the jab. A number of events are being held, with some aimed towards young men, with the offer of a fresh fade, prizes and games for anyone who steps up and gets the COVID-19 vaccine. 

IUIH CEO Adrian Carson said it was important that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders protect their family and community from another COVID-19 cluster. 

Mr Carson said to do that, people need to be provided with the information and resources they need to feel comfortable about coming out to get vaccinated. 

“Everyone has a different motivation for getting the COVID-19 vaccine, whether to protect their community, to keep family members safe or to make plans for the future. So we want to highlight the different reasons to resonate with more of our mob. With this campaign we want to ensure our people get informed from well-respected community members, so we have
Elders including Aunty Mary Graham and Uncle Les Collins providing insight into why we should get vaccinated.”

Resources such as videos featuring well-respected community members on why they ‘Stepped Up’ to get the vaccine, myth busting videos, ‘I Stepped Up’ social tiles and informative brochures will also be shared across social channels to encourage community in SEQ and beyond to ‘Step Up’. 

As of February 2022, 16,396 community members have stepped up for the COVID-19 vaccine at IUIH’s member services.