The Aboriginal flag has been turned over for public use after the Morrison Government’s purchase of the copyright from its designer, announced on 25 January.

In a $20 million deal, the original artist and copyright holder of the Aboriginal flag Harold Thomas signed over the rights
for the flag’s use to the Commonwealth. 

“The Aboriginal Flag will now be managed in a similar manner to the Australian National Flag, where its use is free, but must be presented in a respectful and dignified way,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt said securing the free use of the Aboriginal Flag was profoundly important for all Australians.

“Over the last 50 years we made Harold Thomas’ artwork our own—we marched under the Aboriginal Flag, stood behind it, and flew it high as a point of pride,” he said.

“I am grateful that my art is appreciated by so many, and that it has come to represent something so powerful to so many,” Harold Thomas said at the time of announcement.