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Gangalu man’s incredible journey rediscovering a lost language

Gangalu man Thomas Watson, hailing from Katherine in the Northern Territory, wanted to establish a connection with his ancestral Gangulu country and language – a link denied to his grandmother during her childhood. In 2019, he embarked on his language journey during a family reunion in Gangulu country, central Queensland. To his surprise, he discovered that the Gungulu was no longer spoken by the community.

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When physical activity programs include cultural elements, they are even better for First Nations people

For First Nations people, social and emotional wellbeing can depend on connection to land, culture, spirituality and community. Disruption to these values can be harmful. The most recent data show 24% of First Nations adults have been diagnosed with mental health or behavioural conditions. This is likely due to lasting and intergenerational effects of historical injustices, racial discrimination and cultural displacement.

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