Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and growth. QAIHC are honoured to have three Members who have recently made the journey from Associate to Full Members. 

Gindaja Treatment and Healing Indigenous Corporation (Gindaja), Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan (Mookai Rosie) and Torres Health Indigenous Corporation (Torres Health) have become Full Members of QAIHC.  

To be a Full Member of QAIHC is to share similar goals, objectives and aspirations while delivering primary healthcare services to our mob and bettering the community where each Member operates. 

QAIHC are honoured to have Gindaja, Mookai Rosie and Torres Health continually reflecting our values and we recognise the vital work that each organisation delivers for their community.  

We had an opportunity to speak with the CEOs of each organisation, where we asked them to share what it means for them to transition from Associate to Full Member.  

Gindaja Logo

Gindaja—Ailsa Lively:

“Associate membership has been great. It’s allowed our staff to participate in training opportunities and forums which have been beneficial in terms of skilling the local workforce, and continuous professional development.”  

“However, being a Full Member allows us to participate in health reform activities and be recognised for the work that we’re delivering to each of our clients in the alcohol and other drugs (AOD) sector.” 

With QAIHC continuing its work on health equity, Gindaja’s service delivery directly links to social and emotional determinants of health.  

“Transitioning from Associate to Full Member will give us more recognition, more input and more opportunity for participation and funding.” 

Mookai Rosie Logo

Mookai Rosie—Theresa Simpson: 

“Because we’re so unique, we’re not seen as a full AMS and funding opportunities can be limited because of that status. To be fully supported by QAIHC for what we do is about our status being recognised.” 

Mookai Rosie have contributed to ongoing discussions regarding health reform and health equity and are eager to continue those discussions in their capacity as Full Member.   

“Our transition to a Full Member links in perfectly with the growth that Mookai Rosie has been experiencing. We’re excited for new networking opportunities, continued support, elevated recognition and funding opportunities proportionate to our service delivery.”  

Torres Health Logo

Torres Health—Paula Arnol: 

“Becoming a Full Member is about QAIHC and the community recognising the growth, maturity, readiness and quality of service that Torres Health have achieved over the last few years. The transition acknowledges the hard work that our Board and team have put in to get us to this stage.” 

Torres Health are eager to continue health equity discussions in their capacity as Full Member, as well as expand on their clinical delivery services as part of their continued growth.  

“QAIHC acknowledges and congratulates each new Full Member on their dedication to bettering mob, community and their regions and look forward to the continued expansion on primary healthcare services they deliver.”  

Cleveland Fagan, CEO, QAIHC